Sustainable growth

We are consciously choosing sustainable growth and putting people, the surroundings and the climate first. We are systematically making the port circular.


Goods transhipment in figures

Added value of the port

Flanders is a front-runner in the circular economy and the port of Antwerp has taken on an active role in this. In practice, Port of Antwerp-Bruges is committed to the transition to green energy, renewable raw materials and closing circuits so that residual flows are given a new lease of life, being reused or recycled. Making the port circular is necessary to safeguard the chemical industry cluster's market share and to develop this further.

Groundbreaking solution through circular economy

The port of Antwerp includes an extensive chemical cluster, waste-processing companies, logistical facilities and a wide range of storage facilities. This combination offers opportunities for using transport and premises together, as well as for (re)using by-products and waste flows from one company to another. CO2 can also serve as a building block for new products.

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“Taking 7,000 trucks off the road each year”

The port of Antwerp is located at a junction of international connections by road, water, rail and via pipelines. But road transport congestion undermines accessibility for passenger transport and freight logistics. Every day, companies in and around the port are working on solutions to make mobility smoother and more sustainable. One of the many success stories of the modal shift is the collaboration between transport company Van Moer Logistics and Umicore, a pioneer in developing technology for sustainable materials and their recycling.

Could this transition offer some advantages for your company too?