Climate neutrality


We are making the transition to a circular economy and investing in the energy transition

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What is the port of Antwerp doing to be climate-neutral by 2050?

We want to reduce the port of Antwerp's greenhouse gas emissions and ecological footprint together. We are doing so by inspiring and connecting companies. Our site is an ideal place to make a world of difference. 


Our platforms:

  • Lowering company emissions at the platform (hydrogen economy, CCUS, etc.)
  • Lowering supply chain emissions (Multi-Fuel Port, etc.)
  • Climate adaption for port infrastructure
Multratug 6, een Reversed Stern Drive sleepboot, uitgerust met een roerpropeller. De sleepboot is energiezuiniger dankzij haar specifiek ontwerp en is uitgerust met een SCR om te voldoen aan de IMO Tier III regelgeving die de uitstoot van stikstofoxiden bepaalt. Sleepboten zijn van het type RSD2513 van scheepsbouwer Damen.

Hydrogen, the key to a climate-neutral economy

In a hydrogen economy, hydrogen gas is used as an energy carrier or as a raw material during a (production) process. Fossil fuels are no longer the sole source of energy. The chemical company INOVYN set up a separate business unit for hydrogen. This is a sustainable initiative that Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship can only applaud.

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