Sustainability Trend Report

Sustainable trend at the port of Antwerp

The port of Antwerp is Flanders' economic engine. We want future generations to be able to enjoy the prosperity and the many jobs that the port creates too. We are therefore working to create a sustainable port. We are consciously choosing sustainable growth and putting people, the surroundings and the climate first. This means that they are the touchstone in everything we do and decide. Only in this way can a port ensure sustainable development and be future-proof.


We believe in innovation as a lever for a sustainable future for the port industry, economy and surrounding area.


Climate neutrality

We are making the transition to a circular economy and investing in the energy transition

Multratug 6, een Reversed Stern Drive sleepboot, uitgerust met een roerpropeller. De sleepboot is energiezuiniger dankzij haar specifiek ontwerp en is uitgerust met een SCR om te voldoen aan de IMO Tier III regelgeving die de uitstoot van stikstofoxiden bepaalt. Sleepboten zijn van het type RSD2513 van scheepsbouwer Damen.

Harbor and surroundings

Port and surrounding area form an ecosystem and flourish together. We are investing in mobility, safety and the quality of the surrounding area.

Safety and health

We are preparing our staff for the jobs of the future and committing ourselves to their well-being, health and safety, as well as that of other port users and local residents.

Sustainable growth

We are consciously choosing sustainable growth and putting people, the surroundings and the climate first. We are systematically making the port circular.

Ter info: Dit was de tocht met alle collega's die 4 tickets gewonnen hadden via seaters. Alle mensen op deze foto's hebben een document 'afstand van portretrecht' ondertekend.

How large is the impact of our sustainability efforts?

MLSO (the Scheldt Left Bank Corporation), Alfaport Voka and Port of Antwerp-Bruges are together presenting this sixth Sustainability Trend Report on sustainability in and around the port area of Antwerp. As in previous editions, this trend report is a collaboration by Port of Antwerp, the Scheldt Left Bank Corporation and Alfaport Voka. It is a conscious choice to build the road to a sustainable port together, as a port community.


In this Trend Report we show you which sustainable efforts we undertake as a port.

Check the figures and indicators.