Two important initiatives are contributing to greater biodiversity at the port of Antwerp: the ecological infrastructure network and the species protection programme.

Network of ecological infrastructure

Port of Antwerp-Bruges, the Scheldt Left Bank Corporation (MLSO) and Natuurpunt signed the ‘More Natural Port of Antwerp’ charter in 2000. The partners committed themselves to implementing an ecological infrastructure of more than 600 hectares, without jeopardising the development and operation of the port. This is 5 percent of the port area's total surface area. The ecological network at the port includes core areas, corridors and stepping stones, which together create a sustainable living area for 90 protected plant and animal species.


695 hectares were developed within the ecological infrastructure network in 2020. This means we have been achieving the proposed surface area objectives for the past two years. The three parties will continue to focus on improving the quality of the network by carrying out the actions from the Species Protection Programme.


Species protection programme

A Species Protection Programme (SPP) was drawn up in 2014 to protect the fauna and flora, which aims to maintain 14 protected plant and animal species in a sustainable manner. Each of these species are characteristic for the port, such as the sand martin and the natterjack toad, as well as protected nature such as rare orchids. The species have been chosen such that another 76 species will benefit from the protection of the 14 ‘umbrella species’

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Ecological infrastructure

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Biodiversity: Overview of target species versus the Left Bank conservation objectives

The number of species for which the objective of 90% was achieved remained the same in 2020 compared to previous years. The proposed 90% of the conservation objectives is not being achieved for 13 of the 21 species. The port is continuing its efforts in this regard.

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Biodiversity: Overview of target species versus the Right Bank conservation objectives

90% of the objectives are being achieved for four of the eight species on the Right Bank of the Scheldt. The port is committed to setting up a high-quality habitat for the other four