The port of Antwerp is conscious of the impact of its activities on the surrounding area and local residents. The port plays an important economic role for the immediate surroundings. A great many people living around the port also work there. Where necessary and possible, measures are taken to limit the impact on the environment, climate and nature.

In order to keep our finger on the pulse at all times, the Port Authority regularly asks people in the surrounding area what they think about our port area. What could be done better? How can we evolve?

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The purpose of the experience barometer changed to a measurement of reputation in 2019. We surveyed not just the immediate surroundings for this, but all of Belgium. This means the results cannot be compared like-for-like with previous reports. Naturally, however, there are still several important substantive conclusions.


The results show that the respondents largely agree with the view that the port of Antwerp has an important role in the Belgian economy, supplying the country and local employment.


If we look specifically at the responses from young people, we see some less positive figures in terms of employment and importance to the Belgian economy.

If we only look at the results for the surrounding municipalities, these show that the port of Antwerp scores well for the transparency of a clear vision and objectives, the recreational opportunities offering, being a pioneer in innovation and a focus on a safe working environment.


Various initiatives capitalise on citizens' direct contact with ‘their’ port, such as the Portopolis experience centre and the Havenland website for discovering the port.